If you've been reading the site for awhile now, you've probably noticed our overwhelming love for Fantastic Fest. What I, and many others, consider to be the greatest genre festival in the States takes place every September right here in Austin, Texas. Fantastic Fest is great for many reasons: The vast majority of the festival takes place at one location, allowing you to park early and not worry about rushing off to other theaters for different screenings. The fact that this one location happens to be the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, easily my favorite movie theater in the world, where you can eat and drink your way through 4-5 films every day. Since the festival has grown exponentially every year since it started, they've recently had to utilize the Paramount theater downtown for opening night as well as some of the bigger announced screenings, as well as using the Drafthouse at the Ritz for rep screenings. That said, the bulk of the action is still right where it should be, right where it started on South Lamar.

I could write a book about Fantastic Fest and why it's so great, but the point here is that the good folks that bring us the festival each year have debuted the first image of the 2010 poster on their Facebook page. Head over here to check it out. As always, it's pretty awesome and you can be sure they'll have a nice stack of these available for purchase in September.

Fantastic Fest showcases the finest in awesome film each and every year, focusing on smaller, often foreign, genre films that many other festivals would segregate to midnight screenings. It's like a festival that ONLY has midnight screenings, catering to the rabid horror fans like us with near reckless abandon. I can't imagine a genre fan being disappointed with Fantastic Fest. I believe they're already sold out for next year, but keep your eyes on the Alamo website this September as tickets for the 2011 iteration will go on sale during this year's festival. You owe it yourself to get down here.
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