On one fine Sunday morning, esteemed members of the press corps were led through Bergdorf Goodman's, winding our way past posters featuring Sarah Jessica Parker posed on sand dunes and men with ear pieces to assemble in the infamous shoe department for a gathering of the most glam women (and one hot Mr. Big) in show biz. The folks behind Sex and the City 2 have been prepping to unleash this fashionable juggernaut on the masses since, well, Sex and the City made bank in 2008. Stars Sarah Jessica Parker,Kim Cattrall,Cynthia Nixon,Kristin Davis,Chris Noth, and writer/director Michael Patrick King gathered among the Louboutins to chat about their globetrotting creation.

So, about Abu Dhabi...
Our four heroines find themselves on a massively luxurious trip to the Middle East, specifically Abu Dhabi, but it was actually filmed on location in Morocco. Patrick King noted that "Morocco has a great history of tradition of filmmaking. They did Ben Hur; they did Lawrence in Arabia [there]. We actually shot on the Lawrence of Arabia dunes." (Which brought to mind a particularly choice turn of phrase from Samantha, rhyming Arabia with "my labia.") The perks of filming far away from SaTC's home base were many, including the lack of what Patrick King called "the celebrity petting zoo."

In Morocco, there was "not a sound, not a paparazzi, just the crew, the hot sun, and the sun falling out of the sky quickly, and us. It was a completely different bizarre and magical time." SJP added, "It was laborious and it was Herculean, but it was one of the great experiences of my professional life." And yes, it is a global phenomenon. Kim Cattrall told the audience that Moroccans "didn't know our names in particular but kept calling us by our character's names and we would actually turn and say hello."