Since word hit that Joss Whedon was going to direct The Avengers, the rumor mill has been buzzing. Earlier this month, rumors said Nathan Fillion and Kevin Pennington were circling Ant-Man. Now, Whedon's Avengers is getting a little rumor dose of The Hurt Locker. AICN reports that a first-time source, "with a very interesting connection to all of this," has said that Jeremy Renner might play Hawkeye in The Avengers, following up on a rumor that began back in 2009.

A later addition to the fold, Hawkeye started out as a reluctant baddie who quickly got to join the heroic team. Seeing that there are already concerns about the flick having too many heroes, it seems like a long-shot that Renner would sign on and over-saturate the feature even more. (If he's just a periphery Avenger, that'd also be a sad waste of his talent.) Then again, Hawkeye's storyline has him falling in love with Black Widow and battling Iron Man, so Renner could easily slip in as a baddie who goes good.

This is one of those grain-of-salt-type rumors, which might have gained speed this year because Renner's profile is on the rise and ten years ago he had a one-episode gig on Whedon's Angel. Renner played Penn, a vampire Angelus sired (before the curse that gave him back his soul), who took on the murderous ways of his bloodsucking teacher.

Weigh in, Avengers fans. Could Renner play Hawkeye, and is there room for him in this whole production?
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