It's true! John Cusack isn't just Tweeting like a lunatic these days. He starred in last year's CGI freak out 2012, was feeling the bubbly in Hot Tub Time Machine and Bloody-Disgusting reports that we can catch him next in Brad Anderson'sJack. Anderson fans enjoyed the director's recent work on Fringeand more mind boggling weirdness abounds in this new thriller from Bold Films about -- you guessed it -- an amnesiac.

Jack centers around a doctor who rehabilitates an accident victim with memory loss and develops a teensy bit of Lima Syndrome for the guy, who is unaware that he's actually a killer. When the memories start flooding back, the killer must decide whether he will start his life anew or embrace the monster within.

Anderson is working from a script by David Venable and shooting is set to begin this August. Now that Horror Squad's Brad McHargue has stopped squealing that his favorite director is making a new movie, tell us if you're looking forward to this one as much as we are.
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