One of the few remakes I believe to be a good idea, the long-in-development Logan's Runredo is in the news again, three years after the last time we said it was back on track. This time Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros. has a new director on board, Carl Erik Rinsch. This is a guy who hasn't made a feature yet but who's at least been attached to big projects like this before. He was to do the Alien prequel before Ridley Scott called dibs, he was recently said to be considered for X-Men: First Class and his name is still linked to Universal's Creature of the Black Lagoon remake. The only definite project so far for Rinsch might be Keanu Reeves' samurai flick 47 Ronin. But apparently his recent Phillips commercial, titled The Gift, has been impressing producers around Hollywood, and he's sure to be given more and more options with which to make his feature debut.

If you've also seen that puzzling I Robot-esque short film/advertisement, you may agree with me that he should be a good fit for Logan's Run. Especially if the chase scenes allow for more mobility than the 1976 film's monorail-like vehicles. And Box, the robot, will certainly look better. But that likely would be the case anyway with a big budget sci-fi film made 35 years later. If you remember, the remake is also said to be aiming for more faithfulness to the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. This means the age cap for the film's underground society will probably be 21 rather than 30. Who do you think should play expired runner Logan 5, originally portrayed by Michael York? And could any young actress adequately take the place of Jenny Agutter in the role of his accomplice, Jessica 6?
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