You've probably heard the earth-shattering news by now: Megan Fox will not be returning for the next Transformers epic. It's been breathlessly reported in the entertainment press -- here at Cinematical, Peter Hall shared that the world was "rocked to its core ("And by 'rocked to its core,'" he wrote. "I really mean that all (vaguely) interested parties let out a resounding, 'Oh, okay, that makes sense'") and Eric D. Snider noted that Fox's initial casting by director Michael Bay was "magic, fate, luck, destiny, all of those things. Highly attractive 20-year-old girls who want to get into show business but aren't very talented are hard to find. Especially in Los Angeles."

Snark aside, however, it looks like the Bay-Fox parting of the ways may be the result of the ugliest sort of Hollywood behavior. A source close to Fox reportedly told entertainment blog TheWrap that she quit the franchise because Bay was "verbally abusive" to her, and that she "she had enough and decided to get out early." This follows early rumors (spun by columnist Nikki Finke, who has a close relationship with Paramount chairman Brad Grey) that Fox had actually been canned by the studio. After calling Bay a "tyrant" and comparing him to Hitler and Napoleon in a magazine interview, it's not difficult to believe that they'd drop her.
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