In 1957, Hollywood released a dramatic thriller called Zero Hour! The film focused on Ted Stryker, a WWII pilot suffering over the belief that he was responsible for the deaths of six of his men during his last mission. Over a decade later, he hasn't been on a plane since, until his wife leaves him and makes her exit via the skies. He follows, and disaster strikes. The plane isn't full of con men or snakes, but rather ... food poisoning! With everyone else incapacitated, he has to overcome his fear and fly the plane to safety.

Of course, it sounds familiar even if you never saw it. Twenty-three years later, the entire movie was spoofed in Airplane! revealing not the thrills of the scenario, but the old flick's utter ridiculousness and humor. They didn't just take a random scene here or there, rather, they made more of a spoof remake. Many of the comedy's lines or scenes come directly from the 1957 film, and there's a great video on YouTube (posted after the jump) that pits them back to back, from the first exclamatory titles and planes flying through the clouds, to a safe, spazzy landing and offer of a drink.

Essentially, it's MST3K realized on the big screen. Check out the clips and weigh in below -- is there any serious retro movie that you think is in desperate need of a comedic spoof remake?