The Eli Roth-produced demonic possession flick The Last Exorcism (formerly known as Cotton) has been in the works for what seems like an eternity, but yesterday we got our first full look at what we can expect when the film hits theaters this summer thanks to the film's official trailer debut. My initial reaction? Looks pretty good.

The internet has already picked up on Exorcism's obvious inspirations, calling director Daniel Stamm's demonic chiller a cross between The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Rec. The film follows an evangelical minister (Patrick Fabian) who allows a film crew to follow him to the last exorcism of his career. If you guess that this turns out to be a full on battle with the Devil himself, you're a smart cookie.

The clip is surprisingly creepy and I suspect people who liked Emily Rose and the grandaddy of all possession flicks, The Exorcist, will want to check this one out when it hits theaters on August 27th. Jump past the break and have a look at the first clip for yourself.
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