Empire State Building in When Harry Met Sally'Sex and the City 2' comes out this week, and we couldn't help but wonder: What better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to New York City, the undisputed greatest city in the world? (In our humble opinions, anyway.)

New York, New York ... What a wonderful town. It's where you go to become a star, to fall in love, and most importantly, to find a place to call home. Every inch of sidewalk has a history; every building is iconic.

Even if you've never been there yourself, at one time or another we've all lived in New York through the movies. Greats like Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese have given us a taste of what it is like to call yourself a true New Yorker.

Here, with a quick look at New York City throughout movie history, is our own love letter to the City That Never Sleeps.