Don't let my post title fool you -- there is nothing funny about AIDS. Sexual irresponsibility is foolish and in the wake of troubling statistics, marketing firms are creating new AIDS awareness campaigns that are morbidly humorous and in some instances terrifying.

Toe tags, giant flipping spiders and skull spermatozoa are just a few of the images advertisers are using in hopes of getting the message across that the AIDS pandemic is still a number one killer, and over 25 million people worldwide have died from AIDS since 1981.

On a lighter note, beware of goth girls starting a new trend after reading this – trading the landing strip for a coffin shaped pubic coif. Even in my uber gothy younger years I never thunk it!

Check out some of the advertisements after the jump! And if you're desperate to see a man's ass and scorpion sex, you can check out this link.

[images NSFW / sexually suggestive]
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