When you hit the jump, you are going to watch Katherine Heigl get into awkward conversations, try to prove her "bland" life is cool to a chauvinistic player, and try to stay sane as she plays parent with a slacker dude. No, this isn't a mash-up of Ms. Heigl's previous roles; it's the trailer for her new movie, Life As We Know It. If you remember, this is the story of two people whose best friends die, leaving them their child to raise. Last year, there were rumors that it would be a drama, but no, this is classic romantic comedy fare ... and perhaps a film that could save Heigl's reputation?

Here's the thing -- it's not as immediately offensive as, say, The Ugly Truth. It's just the story of two people thrown together under terrible circumstances and in true, Hollywood romance fashion, realizing that they actually kind of like each other. It's not a pristine romcom trailer; you've got to ignore star Josh Duhamel's tendency to be a physical danger to the tyke, whether it's dropping her or giving the poor kid "a little shove." But for Heigl, it seems to take the recent overt misogyny and crap (that flies in the face of her Knocked Up comments), and wipe it away to reveal a simple, and fairly likable romantic lead. I clicked on the trailer prepared for more want to kill romcom fare, and found myself pleasantly surprised in the end.

Then again, it's still a film that seems to mash together all of her likable and loathed previous films, and could just be another reminder of her past work and controversy. Check out the trailer after the jump and weigh in below with your thoughts. Life As We Know It: Could it save Katherine Heigl's Reputation?