Michael J. Bassett's (Wilderness) Solomon Kane was one of the films during Fantastic Fest '09 that was more or less enjoyed by most people. Save for me, of course. But that's the way things usually go. Despite my disliking the film as a whole, I did find James Purefoy's performance as the puritan mercenary drawn back into a life of violence to be top notch, and the visuals to be particularly stunning. Although the film never got a proper release, DVD Active has revealed the details of the film's UK DVD and Blu Ray release on June 28th. With a DVD price set at £19.99 and the Blu Ray going for £24.99, the discs boast a wide variety of special features, including:

- Commentaries by Michael J. Bassett and James Purefoy
- Video introduction by Michael J. Bassett
- The Making of Solomon Kane
- Montage Clip
- Interviews with producers Samuel Hadida & Paul Berrow, director Michael J. Bassett, actor James Purefoy and composer Klaus Badelt
- Deleted scene: Cave Fight
- Special Effects: The Creation of the Fire Demon
- Artworks by Greg Staples
- Trailer

Once I finally splurge and buy a Blu Ray player (and, you know, a TV), I'm seriously considering adding this one to my collection. While I didn't like the film, per se, I found it to be enjoyable, much in the same way anything directed by Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay is. To me it didn't do anything special beyond being mindless entertainment. Others, especially the majority of my Horror squad brethren, will disagree, but everyone knows it's my opinion that truly matters.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the heads up.
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