I don't know if you guys have heard or not, but Star Trek has some trouble...with Tribbles. The furry little alien guys who consume all the food they can and reproduce almost as quickly as they're born became an icon of the series when they first appeared back in 1967. Since then they've popped up here and there throughout the Trek Universe, though I think fans still find them more comical than threatening. I mean, really, look at them, they're adorable; how can you not want one for yourself?

Well now you can have one for the low, low price of some cardboard, thread, stuffing and fake fur. The official Tor blog has a step-by-step guide explaining how to craft the cute bastards, minus their planet-consuming hunger, of course. So if you've got a little tyke around, give making a couple a shot.; they're at least better to toss around the house than homemade Borg cubes.
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