Talk about your "lost" weekends! I spent two hours last Saturday evening re-watching the pilot episode of Lost (the 'pop up video' version, as I like to call ABC's reruns with information bubbles this season), then two hours for the recap show, then another two and a half hours on the finale, then another few hours talking, writing, and tweeting about it. And then more hours reading passionate reactions to it, like Jacob Hall's fine article right here at SciFi Squad. Whew!

But if you thought that Lost was done messing with your mind and emotions, brother, think again. If you were on the fence about buying the complete series on DVD when it hits later this year, this may sway you: an epilogue has been filmed and will be included in the set. (Insert standard *SPOILER* warning.)

Via Slashfilm, we hear that Michael Emerson, who played Benjamin Linus, told Attack of the Shaw that the epilogue runs 12-14 minutes and covers the period of time between the coronation of Hurley (Jorge Garcia) as the protector of the island and the final gathering in the church. It "opens a window onto that gap of unknown time. ... It's self-contained, although it's a rich period in the show's mythology that's never been explored, so who knows what will come of it." Hmm, maybe a few more DVD sales? Surely there won't be any more answers given or mysteries explained -- that wouldn't be consistent with the rest of the series!
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