Television watchers may know him best as Dr. James Wilson, the steadfast number two to Hugh Laurie's misanthropic medical anti-hero on "House," but my fondness for Robert Sean Leonard goes back to his early days. In 1988 he struggled admirably adjusting to life as a newly undead teenager (My Best Friend is a Vampire), and a year later he struggled further to express his inner artist at a 1950's era prep school (Dead Poets Society). (Without a doubt, Robert Sean Leonard is and was a fine on-screen struggler.)

However, my favorite movie to watch Leonard struggle in came during his fruitful twentysomething years, when he and a 19-year-old Christian Bale partnered to hoof it up in the face of fascism. Yes folks, I'm talking about the best and only Nazi Germany period dance drama ever made: Swing Kids!
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