I'm not obsessed enough to actually go back and crunch the statistics, but I would say that approximately every five weeks or so a new film project is announced that feels like it's been made directly for me. Once they finally come out that usually proves to no longer be the case, but let's forget about that. Let's live in the now. The latest script that sounds like it's being tailor-made for me is Fun Size, a comedy from The Colbert Report staff writer (and first time screenwriter) Max Werner for producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (both of whom are best known for fostering along TV's The O.C. and Chuck) .

Why is it such a snug fit for me? Let's just quote The Hollywood Reporter, "Loglines are being kept under wraps, but Fun is described as a cross between Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting that is set on Halloween." First off, set anything on Halloween and I'm instantly in (Trick 'r Treat is like one 82-minute long geekgasm for me). And second off, Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting occupy my favorite spirit-of-youth movie niche; single-night stories that spiral out of control.

No directors or stars are attached to the comedy yet, though that's no surprise considering its pick-up came a little prematurely. Josh Schwartz's production company, Fake Empire, signed a two-year first-look deal with Paramount, but that won't be effective until June 1st. Schwartz loved the script so much, however, he gave Paramount the first-look before their contract kicked off. Turns out they loved it too and are already moving to put it into their production pipeline.
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