Sex and the City 2Two new Arabian adventures will jockey for box office supremacy this weekend. 'Sex and the City 2' takes Carrie Bradshaw and her friends on a resort vacation to Abu Dhabi, while 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' brings the video game series to life with Jake Gyllenhaal as an 'Arabian Nights'-style adventurer. Strong as the lure of a shirtless Gyllenhaal may be, he doesn't stand a chance against the 'City' gals.

The 'Sex' sequel is expected to build upon the $56.8 million debut the first film enjoyed on the same Memorial Day weekend two years ago. Like that film, the Sarah Jessica Parker sequel is likely to be the biggest escapist film for women moviegoers all summer (with the possible exception of the third 'Twilight' movie, 'Eclipse').

UPDATE: 'Sex' earned an estimated $14.2 million on Thursday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.