Spider-ManThere's a 60% chance that the next Spider-Man could be British. The Heat Vision blog has reported that the list of potential candidates to star in the rebooted Spider-Man franchise has been narrowed to five. One of them is Jamie Bell, the title character from the movie Billy Elliot. Andrew Garfield, another candidate, was born in L.A. but raised in England.

Given the sheer number of British actors who have played American characters, do you think nationality would matter? I recall that J.K. Rowling objected to having a non-British actor play Harry Potter in the films. Would Stan Lee have a similar problem with Peter Parker?

It's bad enough that the studio is rebooting the franchise nine years after the first movie. Perhaps they should have done a sequel Spider-Girl franchise, based on the character created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. It would at least be slightly less confusing than this.
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