Green LanternIt seems that as a follow-up to the Green Lantern movie of 2011, Warner Brothers is planning an animated series for the Cartoon Network the following year. This would be the first DC Comics character outside of Superman or Batman to have their own television animated series. Usually, GL has been a supporting cast member in an ensemble whether it be Super Friendsor the Justice League.

It's about time Warner Brothers expanded their superhero franchises to include the second-stringers. They had moderate success with the Wonder Woman television show of the 70's but could never duplicate that. Lord knows, they tried with The Flash.

Truthfully I've always had a thing for Green Lantern. Of all the DC heroes, he's the one that anybody can be. All you have to do is wear a ring (available in fine collector's stores for $3). If they follow the formats of the Superman and Batman animated series of the 90's (as the intended title seems to indicate), they may have a winner on their hands.
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