I've never read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, but from what I can gather, the novel has something to do with teen love and vampires. If you've ever wondered why women of all ages have gone nuts over the book, the gang over at Epipheo Studios have come up with a new video that explains How Twilight Works. In just under three minutes, they explain why Meyer's novels turn women of all ages into swooning fangirls with a hankering for sparkly vampires.

The animated clip makes Twilight's appeal seem pretty simple. Basically, according to their take, Bella is a non-descript young girl who Meyers purposely avoids describing so female readers can put themselves in her position. The narrator repeatedly compares her to a Lego block -- which, having seen Kristen Stewart act, seems like a pretty good comparison. Meanwhile, Edward -- the "hunky" vampire in a teen boy's body -- is described in loving detail, and is essentially the "perfect man" on steroids. Of course, the way they describe it is way funnier, but you get the point.

While none of this is particularly profound, the video is entertaining -- if you're one of those folks who aren't rabid over Twilight or love to drive everyone else nuts by complaining about it 24-7. It's also a nice calling card for Epipheo Studios, an Internet marketing company interested in re-imagining online advertising. The company believes Internet ads should reach audiences by educating and enlightening them -- creating epiphanies for viewers, who will then share them with others. It's basically viral marketing, but these guys seem to be good at it.

How Twilight Works isn't trying to sell you anything, and the "epiphany" of the piece isn't of the Earth-shattering variety, but it's still entertaining. Check it out after the jump and see if you don't agree.