Wow, Brian gets two movie clubs in one month? What the hell are they thinking?! Yes, I'm back to ruin your weekend with more long-winded musings on my favorite films. Well, that is to say my favorite films that happen to be available on Netflix Watch Instantly. If you are anything like me, you approach French films with the trepidation of a tight-rope walker. I abhor pretension and my experience has shown that nobody banks on pretension like the French. I actually speak French, therein lying the potential hypocrisy, but like any teenager I only studied it in school to meet girls. So when a buddy of mine introduced me to Les Yeux San Visage (Eyes Without a Face) and described it as an intensely creepy horror film, I was beyond skeptical.

Turns out he was right. Eyes Without a Face is a remarkable film both in terms of concept and artistry of execution. It is about a surgeon whose beloved daughter is marred in a terrible car accident. Where most men would either wallow in misery or try and make the most of a bad situation, Dr. Genessier, decides to find his daughter a new killing girls and grafting their visages onto hers. Things don't exactly go as planned for the good doctor and as each experiment fails, he becomes increasingly more consumed by madness and grief.

So have fun with that kids! We'll meet back here on Monday (yes, we work through the holidays because we love you) to discuss the film. I will warn you that it is a bit deliberately paced but please stick with it; I foresee enjoyment. Adios!
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