Jake Gyllenhaal has been poised on the edge of movie stardom for several years, but his profile is set to truly explode with the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the gargantuan adaptation of the blockbuster video game of the same name. But there's more pressure on him than just to make a hit movie or further his career: he's also got to deliver a genuinely good movie based on a video game, a task that thus far has repeatedly eluded Hollywood filmmakers.

Cinematical sat down with Gyllenhaal at San Francisco's Wondercon, where he presented footage to fans and discussed the challenges of breathing life into this iconic game character. During our exclusive, one-on-one chat, he talked about taking the next step in his already-storied career, tackling the physicality of such a familiar character, and of course, dealing with the pressure of starring in what might just be the first good game adaptation in movie history.