My friend recently gave me the best gift ever: 'Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration,' by Sarah O'Brien and Lacey Soslow. Finally! A collection of hot nerds, all in one place. It comes in an easy to digest format of glossy photos accompanied by fun facts. For instance, did you know that Paul Rudd hates all condiments – even ketchup? Who hates ketchup! He doesn't like mustard, either, in case you were wondering.

For the most part, the book does not disappoint. It includes most of the usual suspects (supposing there are "geeky dreamboat" usual suspects), like Michael Cera and Adam Brody. It also features my personal favourites: Jason Schwartzman, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, Stephen Colbert and Jake Gyllenhaal. Though Jakey may be trying to shrug his geeky dreamboat status while he's promoting his beefcake role in 'Prince of Persia.'
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