'Spider-Man' reboot has a new list of candidatesAlright, fine. I guess I can live with the fact that they're rebooting 'Spider-Man' a mere five minutes after the last film. Not that I have a choice. And we just got a brand new list of potential webslingers. Someone is rather conspicuous in his absence. I'll let you know who's in and who's out. Now, how many of you are going to admit to having had the Underoos? (I had Wonder Woman and Batgirl. (Source: Heat Vision)

Some shocking photos hit the net showing a certain rap star's dramatic weight loss. I'll give you a peek. What's even more shocking is how he did it. Well, shocking for Hollywood, that's for certain. I'll also let you know what's coming out in theaters this weekend. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! (Source: thisis50.com) Check out the video after the jump.