There's nothing wrong with Sex and the City 2 that couldn't be fixed by shaving 45 minutes off the running time and replacing Carrie Bradshaw with a character who isn't spoiled and unlikable. OK, I know "unlikable" isn't the right word, because obviously many people DO like her. But why? Because we love to fantasize about being wealthy and fabulous in the big city, caring only about clothes and shoes and red carpets and glittery parties? I enjoy frivolity as much as the next person, but I can't imagine finding the shallow world of Sex and the City entertaining for more than 30 minutes at a time. Once a week. On HBO. I've had friends who were like this. They're exhausting.

This 146-minute behemoth, once again written and directed by Michael Patrick King, picks up two years after the last film. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is still happily married to Mr. Big (Chris Noth), though she's disappointed to discover that married people don't go out every night of the week. Carrie has apparently never paid attention to the lives of her married friends, which, given what I know about Carrie, seems plausible.

Speaking of which, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is being driven crazy by her bratty children, and is paranoid that her husband (Evan Handler) has the hots for their bosomy nanny, an Irish lass who is named Erin for the sole purpose of someone making an "Erin Go Braless" joke. The other married friend, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), is happy at home but unhappy at work, in a subplot that is abandoned almost before it begins. I would complain about poor Miranda not getting a story line, but giving her one would only have made the movie longer.