Ready to go on a trip with me? Go here and watch National Lampoon Presents The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell, at your earliest convenience. Ignore the "National Lampoon Presents" above the title. The film wasn't made by those fine purveyors of cruddy direct-to-video sex comedies. Filmmaker Kevin Wheatley made the no-budget post-apocalyptic comedy under his own steam, took it to film festivals where it clicked with audiences, and attracted the attention of the National Lampoon label through the strength of those screenings.

I've not seen it yet, so we'll be going on this adventure together. Could the movie be great? Possibly. Could it stink? Maybe. Check out the user reviews on the Netflix page and you'll see a lot of five-star reviews and an equal number of one-star missives. I watched about ten minutes of it, just enough to see that it was genuinely quirky sci-fi and not the typical boob-and-poop fest that National Lampoon puts out.

From the 2008 film's Wikipedia page: "The plot of the film is based on the concept of 'New America' in the year 2097, two decades after a nuclear apocalypse. Tex Kennedy, two robotic ex-secret service agents, and a mythical female cannibal journey to find a famously dangerous area known as the 'Threshold of Hell' to gain access to a radio tower to unite the survivors of the apocalypse. The movie is being touted by its creators as a unique 'futuristic historical documentary'."

Anyway, you've got a long three-day weekend ahead to watch it, and I'll be back on Tuesday to talk about the film. Here's hoping we're in for a treat!
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