Love zombies and willing to head to Atlanta? Then this story could be your dream come true.

Website On Location Vacations has the full details on how you can become an extra in Frank Darabont's new AMC television series, The Walking Dead. Shooting on the series is set to start on June 2nd in the Fairlie-Poplar district of the city.

If the idea of being turned into one of the walking dead and shambling through the streets of Atlanta sounds appealing, you can send an email to with all of your info. Anyone hired as an extra will need to have a "flexible schedule" from June through September, will need to attend "Zombie school" (I think I just found my life's calling...), and will face strict non-disclosure agreements that could find extras fired for posting anything about the production on Facebook, Twitter, or any other online site.

Those are small concessions to make to get the full-on zombie experience though -- let alone a shot at appearing on one of the most anticipated shows coming to television this year.

The Walking Dead is based on the popular Robert Kirkman comic book of the same name and has been picked up for six episodes on AMC. Frequent Stephen King collaborator Frank Darabont is directing and producing the show, so it seems safe to say that it's in very good hands.

AICN recently sat down for a chat with Robert Kirkman, wherein he shares lots of interesting details about the production. You can (and should) check it out by clicking here.
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