It appears a number of Zac Efron fans took over last week's Traler Park poll, given that Charlie St. Cloud won by a landslide with 62% of the votes. Second place goes to my least favorite of the week, the animated film Rio, which garnered 12% of the votes.

This week I was sure that I'd be putting another Cannes title at the top of my trailer rankings, because the international spot for Palme d'Or winner Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Livesmake the film look very much to my liking. It certainly won't look as appealing to most of you, though. You really can tell from the trailer that it's quite slow in pace, and otherwise inaccessible to most Western audiences. But, I bet the film I did choose for the top slot, Shanghai, will interest a wide variety of movie lovers, from those who like foreign World War II dramas to fans of Chow Yun-Fat to those of us who'll watch John Cusack in just about anything. He seems pretty out of place in this film, which was directed by Mikhael Hafstrom (1408) and shot two years ago, but he's surrounded by an amazing ensemble cast -- including Franka Potente, David Morse, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ken Watanabe and Gong Li.

The trailer for Shanghai is also foreign, because unfortunately it has no release date in the U.S., despite the fact that it has a distributor, The Weinstein Co. Are they sitting on it because it's no good? Well, it can't be worse than Nine. And even if it is, enough people on the web this week have offered excitement for the film based on this trailer alone, so we should at least be given the choice to check it out. You can watch the video after the jump, as part of this week's trailer chart (there's a tie for #10!), and then vote for your favorite trailer of the week in the latest poll.