Namco's Pac-Man celebrated his 30th birthday a few days ago (thanks Google!), so what better time to celebrate the legacy of the pellet-munching, ghost-chasing little yellow ... something than by watching Therefore Producutions trailer for Pac-Man: The Movie?

Unlike most video game movie adaptations, Pac -Man: The Movie actually looks awesome. The mock trailer is for a live-action film that imagines what might happen if you were to merge the classic video game with the Saw horror movie franchise. The results are hilarious.

Pharmaceutical executive Michael Pacman finds himself trapped in a life-size maze where he's forced to devour his company's dangerous "pellets" while a sadistic madman watches his every move. As Pacman (clad in a yellow jumpsuit, naturally) devours more of his tainted medication, he starts to hallucinate that "ghosts" are chasing him through the maze. Only by imbibing a mysterious blue concoction can he make the ghosts go away -- at least temporarily.

Directed by Patrick Brady and Allyson Schettino, the clip is surprisingly clever and makes use of all the familiar Pac-Man sound effects while presenting a villain who's very reminiscent of Jigsaw. Who'd have guessed that combining Pac-Man and Saw would lead to such a funny clip? Share some of your own video game/movie crossover ideas in the comments section and watch the trailer for Pac-Man: The Movie after the jump.

[via Dread Central]
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