We knew this day would come, and we've had plenty of time to adjust to the sad fact that LOST is officially over. The smoke (monster) has cleared and we finally have all the answers we are ever going to get when it comes to the mystery of the Island and The Oceanic Six. So no matter what you may have thought of the finale for one of the most discussed TV shows of all time, you can't begrudge a little credit to the creators who have changed the way we watch television. But, this is a movie site, so I'm not going to get too into the details of the historic finale (besides, there is a more than an ample supply of top-notch coverage over at TV Squad). But if you're wondering, I will say this; I loved it (if you didn't, I guess all you can do is take a page from Jacob's book and tell yourself; "What happened, happened").

As fans are well aware, LOST was always a show about references. It didn't matter if it was Stephen King, Star Trek, or philosophy; it was a big old crazy geek gumbo -- and that is why I think it worked so well. It took all the things we loved the most and repackaged it into one of the best 'Supernatural Soaps' in history. But as much as the show relied on all kinds of references, I think the series could never have been possible without a little help from two big screen inspirations.

After the jump; daddy issues, the art of the spectacle, and the holy trilogy...
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