If you read Friday's list of the top 25 fight scenes of all time, we're sure there are some hardcore cinephiles among you going: "Where is 'Equilibirum'?!", "How could you completely ignore Gun Kata?!," and "Where is the unique Gun Kata skills of 'Equilibrium?!" Well, settle down -- because in addition to listing the greatest of all time, Moviefone is shining a spotlight on those underrated battles that deserve wider recognition.

We used the same criteria for this list of fight scenes, only we focused on international films that didn't get worldwide distribution, and films that just didn't really leave a mark on the box office.

So let's take your first look at the best fight scenes you've never seen.
Fist of Legend Movie Poster
Fist of Legend
In Theaters on August 15, 1995

Chinese martial arts student Chen Zhen (Jet Li) is studying in Kyoto, Japan, when he learns his mentor... Read More

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Equilibrium Movie Poster
Based on 22 critics

In a futuristic world, a regime has eliminated war by suppressing emotions: books, art and music are... Read More

Serenity Movie Poster
Based on 34 critics

In this continuation of the television series "Firefly," a group of rebels travels the outskirts of space... Read More

The Protector Movie Poster
The Protector
Based on 22 critics

A young fighter (Tony Jaa) travels to Australia to retrieve stolen elephants that were promised originally... Read More

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