Last Thursday marked the opening of another big ol' summer sequel -- Sex and the City 2 -- and the girls are already causing quite a stir for heading to Abu Dhabi and throwing cultural caution to the wind there. With that in mind, we suggest seven more ideal vacation destinations for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to consider for future misadventures.

1. Alaska

A sweltering heat wave in Manhattan makes a long, slow cruise to Alaska sound like just the thing for our four lovely ladies, not to mention the perfect excuse to bust out some chic parkas. Carrie works on a piece about Inuit ideals of romance, causing her to wonder, if only for a moment, if she would love Big just as much were they do live in an igloo, stripped of all material surroundings and creature comforts. (She quickly comes to her senses.) Miranda wishes her husband, Steve, were a bit more outdoorsy. Samantha takes up with a young stud named Levi. Charlotte gets her bare ass frozen to some ice; somebody cracks a joke like, "Most icebreakers come at the beginning, not at the end," and everybody pretty much laughs at her expense.
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