Kevin Bacon in FootloosePut down that hairbrush and stop lip-syncing in the mirror to Kenny Loggins, 'cause it's your time to shine, or at least submit a video of yourself to Paramount for a role in the upcoming reboot of Footloose. Last we heard about the 21st century Footloose (but not this one), dreamy Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl had ditched the starring role that made Kevin Bacon a household name; previous to that, Zac Efron was going to star, but that also fell through. After Kenny Ortega left the director's seat, Craig Brewer (of Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow fame) took over.

Well, directorial duties might have been sorted out at long last, but the starring role still hasn't been cast, and the clock is ticking for a planned summer shoot. So far, the only official star attached is Julianne Hough from Dancing With the Stars, and while there's no word on who will be the the male lead, Paramount is looking for unknowns to play some of the other dancing high school dudes.

Paramount is looking for guys 18 or older who can play high school seniors, and although you don't have to be a trained dancer, you gotta be quick on the uptake when it comes to learning Footloose's smooth moves. You can download your audition scene from the official casting website, as well as consent forms and more instructions on how to get your video to the right folks. The deadline is June 9th, 2010, which seems like a very quick turnaround for a summer shoot that doesn't even have an announced male lead.
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