Get ready for ridiculous heisting. Having had a whole lot of success with The Hangover, scribes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have turned their attention to bank heists, and Variety reports that Tim Blake Nelson will co-star in the Flypapercaper with Rob Minkoff (Stuart Little, The Haunted Mansion) directing. Word first hit during Cannes, when Patrick Dempsey signed on to produce and star in the film. It's the story of two teams of robbers who try to rob a bank at the same time, and don't have to fight each other, but rather a "secret enemy" (Dempsey) who wants to save the bank teller he loves. Nelson will play a dude called "Peanut Butter" who is part of a stupid robber team who plan to use "way too much" C4 to crack the bank ATM. There's no word, yet, on who's on the other team, and what woman will inspire Dempsey to take on the bad guys.

Meanwhile, Jason Sudeikis is taking another step away from his long stint on SNL by grabbing a lead role in the upcoming comedy Horrible Bosses. (How many more seasons does he have left in him?) THR's Risky Business reports that Sudeikis is in final negotiations to play one of the trio of friends (alongside Jason Bateman and Charlie Day) who plan to murder each other's bosses. Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell are two of the bosses, with Aniston playing a dentist who is sexually harassing employee Day. Originally, Jamie Foxx was thought to be the third boss, but current reports have him playing a scam artist who offers up lots of "killing advice."

And as an added bonus for you Bones and Freaks and Geeks fans out there -- John Francis Daley co-wrote the screenplay for Bosses.
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