It seems like not a day goes by without someone uploading a clip that tinkers with a scene from George Lucas' beloved Star Wars films in some way. And while it occasionally feels like the idea of doing this has become so widespread that it's nearly become cliche, clips like this one from British comedian Adam Buxton show there's still funny stuff to mine in the Star Wars parody universe. The key seems to be figuring out how to pair the clip with some really hilarious audio.

Buxton's done that in his newest YouTube clip, which takes the Rebels' Death Star mission briefing and re-dubs the entire sequence with Steve Jobs' iPad press conference. The end result is funny segment featuring General Dodonna standing in front of a screen showing how to blow up the Empire's world-destroying ultimate weapon while extolling the virtues of Apple's latest piece of technology.

That alone would be pretty funny, but Buxton isn't satisfied with just putting Jobs' smarmy comments over the scene. He goes all out, adding in classic videogame sound effects (the addition of Pac-Man is fantastic), snarky comments from the audience, and making Luke Skywalker sound like a complete rube.

The scene is only a minute and twenty-five seconds long, but it grew out of a much larger project. Buxton writes on his blog that he had plans to redo all of A New Hope with fresh audio, sound effects, and guest appearances, but the project has proven bigger than originally anticipated and may not ever be finished. Rather than toss all that footage, the comic decided to re-use some of it here. I'm glad he did. You can check it out after the jump.