I love movie posters. I especially love movie posters from other countries. There's just something magical (and hilarious) about seeing how other cultures choose to interpret American cinema so that it appeals to local audiences.

We've done pieces in the past about hilarious film posters from other countries (oh Ghana, you're still our favorite), but a new batch of posters turned up over at Cracked, and there are some great/terrible one-sheets you might not have seen before. The article highlights 15 of the worst, most bizarre, most misguided film posters ever. Posters that are completely inaccurate in conveying what the actual film they're advertising is about. How else can one describe a poster for Neill Blomkamp's District 9 that features a gigantic robot going Godzilla on a city?

That's just one of the classic images on display (you can check them all out in our gallery below) -- and honestly, it's not even the most bizarrely inaccurate one of the bunch. Poland actually makes a serious run at Ghana's title as home of the most messed up movie posters, with not only with the oddly animated Sex and the Cityposter, but an unfathomable Raiders of the Lost Ark image (which Cracked describes as a millipede whip winding its way through Cthulhu's skull ... ) and another skull-themed poster for the romantic comedy adventure film, Romancing the Stone. I kinda love them both lots.

Ghana is well represented too, featuring a classic Cujo poster that almost makes King's tale of terror look like a children's movie, a creepy little Ewoks one-sheet, and some hilarious artwork for Mel Gibson's The Road Warrior.

Check out the rest of our favorites -- including the most awesome Nightmare on Elm Streetposter ever created -- in the gallery after the jump, then head to the comment section to discuss your favorites.