After being lent the Scott Pilgrim books last summer, I was an instant convert to the Canadian slacker's video game-steeped and very wink-wink universe. The first trailer for this summer's big-screen adaptation -- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -- at least assured me that director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) was the right man visually to take it from the page to the screen (I mean, like I had any doubt, pshaw).

But this new taste finally sells me on the casting of Michael Cera as our lead. I know a lot of people are burnt out on his awkward act, but here, we get a glimpse of the naivete that makes Scott so winning. He's at times clumsy and narrow-minded, sure, but more importantly, he's puppy-persistent in winning over Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Of course, this is before her seven evil exes come a-knockin' and Scott has to rise to the occasion in a big way (i.e. slicing foes into piles of coins).

I'm not sure how broad the appeal for such an unconventional and hyperactive romance is, but I, for one, am getting pretty pumped. SPvTW lands on August 13th, and you can check out the first part of our set visit right over here.

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