I love holiday horror films. To me, they demonstrate the genre's ongoing commitment to ruining even the happiest of occasions with visions of nightmarish terror. There was a time when Halloween was the only holiday associated with evil and darkness and that set it apart as the isolated capsule of fear. But then, one by one, the other, more joyful, holidays became targets for horror interpretations. It's gotten to the point that no festive celebration is without its own signature slasher or identifiable bloodbath.

So far we have rung in the new year with the immortally schlocky New Year's Evil, delivered a big heart-shaped massacre with My Bloody Valentine, had Mike Bracken transport us to the Emerald Isle for a St. Patty's Day feast of Dead Meat, and been not-so-terrified of the Easter Bunny-gone-wild flick Night of the Lepus. Now there are two holidays in May, but I thought covering the 1980 film Mother's Day was a bit too on-the-nose. Instead, I thought I would observe Memorial Day with a special horror nod to the armed forces. So as you prepare to sit poolside, ingest ample amounts of barbecue, and herald in the summer, take a moment to support our troops by watching Deathdream.
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