And the battle rages on. . .My partner/adversary, Kayla Kromer, is a peculiar girl. I can't let her tastes go unquestioned. I mean, the girl didn't like The Exorcist. Read that last sentence again and let me know if anything she says henceforth has any credence. Each month, we lock horns over a different horror film, be it classic, cult, or somewhere in between. So far, we've only tackled a handful, but we hope to spotlight more of our conflicts throughout the summer. If you've got any particular film you'd like for us to fight over, just let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, I've earned the favor of you HorrorSquad faithful, because for our next Deadly Debate, I'm certainly going to need it. In this one, I was tasked with defending the 3D remake of My Bloody Valentine. There are more difficult arguments to be made, like defending Roman Polanski or the Holocaust, but . . . click past the jump and you be the judge.
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