With the Blu-Ray/DVD of The Wolfman remake hitting stores today, there's no better time than now to revisit the werewolf genre. Unlike vampires and, more recently, zombies, werewolves have never been as consistently popular with moviegoers, due perhaps to the inherent limitations of the concept (i.e., man vs. his bestial, primitive nature), but that doesn't mean fans of the sub-genre are completely bereft when it comes to putting together a must-see list, only that they (meaning me) have to dig a little deeper. As you'll see, three Cinematical entries arrived in movie theaters in the same year 1981 between April (The Howling ) and August (An American Werewolf in London) of the same year, 1981. It was a good year for werewolves.

A few, brief notes before we move on to the Cinematical Seven: (1) Films from The Twilight Saga will not appear on this list. (2) CG werewolves, by their nature, are inherently unscary, and will, therefore not be included on this list. (3) Sequels, regardless of quality, are automatically excluded from this list. Originality counts.
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