You're probably wondering why we need another film festival, especially one in New York City. Well, the NYC Filmmaker's Festival, which begins this Thursday, June 3, 2010, has been founded on the notion that most film fests don't do right by either the filmmakers or the film-goers. Primarily, though, it's the former who is catered to, and the fest's tagline is even "the festival for the filmmakers, by the filmmakers." They're provided with the highest quality of exhibition -- at Scandinavia House -- and practical awards, such as a Glidecam camera stabilizer and Sony editing software, as well as scholarships. Top prize is an hour of flight time in a helicopter, so the winner can shoot some great aerial establishing shots of the city.

Attendees of the fest will benefit in their own ways. The quality of the exhibition does of course matter as much to the audience as the filmmaker. Also, the Filmmaker's Festival has more affordable ticket prices than most film fests in the area. For example, you can get a full 3 day pass for slightly more than the typical cost of a single screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. And some of the proceeds from your ticket purchase will go to charity, specifically Free Arts NYC, which provides under-served children and families with arts education and mentoring programs.
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