It's official: Obnoxious producer Nicolas Chartier and his production company, Voltage Pictures, have gone ahead and filed their lawsuit against individual movie pirates who've downloaded -- and thereby contributed to the further illegal distribution -- of Best Picture-winner The Hurt Locker via BitTorrent. Our own Eric Snider had a little something to say on the suit and the plaintiff a couple weeks ago when the case was announced as a partnership between the producer and the U.S. Copyright Group, but if you want more details, including a link to the official complaint, head over to THR, Esq.for the legal mumbo jumbo.

Regardless of how you feel about this particular piracy case, you must agree that Chartier is doing a lot of damage to his personal image, particularly with his public displays of hotheadness. So much that all the money he gets from those 5,000 or so film thieves might not do him much good in the long run. Lawsuits just aren't worth the trouble when they're more likely to make you look like a fool. Just ask the no-name plaintiffs who've tried unsuccessfully to sue Natural Born Killersand Boratfor claims of inspired violence and misleading participation contracts, respectively. In the end, they just came off as naive, attention-seeking idiots. Even worse is when the suing party is a celebrity, wannabe famous band or corporation that learns bad publicity isn't always good publicity. Here are five such self-damaging lawsuits that Chartier can now feel a kinship with:
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