One film we've been keeping a close eye on here at Horror Squad is Russell Mulcahy's Bait 3D. When you have a film with a plot breakdown as absurd as this one, directed by the filmmaker who gave us both Razorback and Highlander, well, you kinda have to pay attention.

Aussie actor Jesse Spencer has landed a role in the upcoming killer shark flick according to our friends at Bloody-Disgusting. The actor is best known to audiences for his role as Dr. Robert Chase on the medical drama House. No word on what character he'll be playing in Bait, but I'm guessing it'll be an important one.

Mulcahy co-wrote the script with Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong -- and man, does it sound crazy.

Australia is hit by a tsunami, which puts a coastal town underwater. Said coastal town has an underground supermarket that's being robbed when the freak wave hits. Everyone in the store is now forced to not only contend with the crook and the threat of drowning, but also a pack of killer tiger sharks who've infiltrated the building with the rising water.

How insane does this sound? Sure, there's a comparison that can be made to Deep Blue Sea, but I've got faith Mulcahy is gonna pull this thing off. And if he doesn't, I'll still enjoy watching him fail spectacularly.

We'll bring you more on Bait 3D as it becomes available.
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