In honor of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Joe Johnston's The Wolfman remake, Universal was kind enough to arrange an interview between Horror Squad and legendary makeup maestro Rick Baker. I'm not going to pretend like I wasn't intimidated to do it, either, but once the man behind a fleet of iconic masks opened the conversation with fond memories of his similarly-named friend, Kevin Peter Hall, who played Harry in Harry and the Hendersons, I knew there wasn't any reason to be intimidated.

What I didn't realize, however, was how candid Baker would be about his work on The Wolfman. The film quickly became notorious due to a torrent of production problems and, fortunately for us, Baker was happy to open up about what were actual problems with the film and what may have just been symptomatic of fan backlash.

Horror Squad: So why the pursuit of The Wolfman over any of the other projects in Hollywood? I know that you've said once you heard about the film you actively went after it, which is not something you normally do.

Rick Baker: It's one the films that made me want to do what I do for a living. It's one of the films that made me who I am. So many people of my generation all grew up with that shock theater package on television of Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, Mummy, all the Universal stuff. And then we had Famous Monsters of Film Land magazine, we had the Aurora model kit stuff. It's a film that kind of just shaped my being, you know?

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