If you've ever wanted to be a movie producer, your big chance could be right around the corner.

THR reports that indie French production company Europacorp will allow film fans to get in on the action in producing one of their upcoming projects. Weareproducteurs.com will allow Internet citizens to participate in all the stages of producing a film -- from choosing from a group of potential directors, to voting on the script, to even kicking in some of their own money toward the financing (lucky you!). If that weren't enough, everyone involved will be "working" alongside Luc Besson.

Besson, director of classic films like The Professional and La Femme Nikita and a well known producer, says he hopes the project will be an educational one when it comes to combating Internet piracy. "Because of piracy issues, we as producers have this image of being the 'bad guys' among Internet users. It's time to revive the dialogue between us." He added, "It's our way of telling web users: Don't wage war with us. Learn how to make a movie with us, and then you'll understand what's at stake when you illegally download films."