Sometimes, you just need a break from shooting soldiers/monsters/aliens in the head on your Xbox 360. Sometimes you have to step aside from the twitch gameplay elements of so many modern games and do something a little more...cerebral. Luckily, Stainless Games has your best interests at heart and are bringing a new twist on the classic board game RISK to Xbox Live Arcade with their new title, RISK: Factions.

I know some of you are probably thinking "has Bracken lost it -- what on Earth does RISK have to do with horror?" I hear you -- and the answer is: zombies. Yes, horror's most overused archetype, the one no one seems to be able to get enough of, is infecting yet another game. RISK: Factions boasts five playable armies -- and the undead will be right there alongside humans, cats, robots, and Yetis.

Our friends at Dread Central highlighted the newest clip for the game, which introduces the flesh-eating hordes. The robot commander creates the zombie scourge by launching a biological weapon. In an interesting twist, the ghouls actually come in peace, but that changes when a soldier with an itchy trigger finger accidentally blasts the zombie spokesman. That guy turns out to be Colonel Claus von Stiffenberg and he decides to lead his rotting compatriots in a quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of brains.

Seeing as this is an adaptation of a board game, expect a few changes -- including overdrive moves based on dice rolls, terrain coming into play, and other tweaks as well. Still, it sounds like a good time. Boasting an online and offline mode for two to five players, this should provide a nice break from all the shooters on the 360.

Check out a humorous trailer introducing the Colonel after the jump. RISK: Factions is due out sometime this quarter.
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