Doris DayFollowing the success of a Facebook campaign to land 88-year-old Betty White a hostess gig on 'Saturday Night Live,' fans of Doris Dayhave begun a new Facebook campaign to get their 88-year-old idol an honorary Academy Award.

I have never been a big fan of "Doris Day Movies," those pre-sexual revolution comedy musicals and romantic comedies in which Day always seemed to be playing a reluctant virgin -- even in the role of a single mother of three in her last picture, the 1968 'With Six You Get Eggroll.'

Day did receive one Best Actress Oscar nomination, for the 1959 'Pillow Talk,' the first of three hugely successful, innuendo-filled romantic comedies she made with co-star Rock Hudson. But if Sandra Bullock, the closest thing to a contemporary Doris Day we have, deserved her Oscar for her unchallenging role in 'The Blind Side,' Day certainly deserves one as the most dominant actress in screen history.
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