Star Trek: TitanIt was mentioned on Sci Fi Wire that a fan posed the question to Jonathan Frakes about a potential new Star Trek series set in The Next Generation universe in which Will Riker commands the U.S.S. Titan (which was mentioned at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis). Frakes' response was, "I wish."

Granted, it would be an interesting time to create a new TNG series. One could argue that the entire timeline stopped existing once the events of the latest Star Trek movie took place. Perhaps the series could take place in that alternate timeline. At the very least, Jonathan Frakes could end his character in a better manner than that awful Star Trek: Enterprise series finale.

On the other hand, the Star Trek franchise was seriously beating the dead horse before the reboot. Perhaps a new creative team is called for. One that actually has some passion for the franchise and gives a crap about its fans. What do you think about this idea?
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