Back in March, I told you about Richard Ledes' new horror-thriller, Foreclosure, which just began shooting in Queens, New York. The film stars Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos, The Lovely Bones), Wendell Pierce (Sleepers, The Wire) and Bill Raymond (The Wire) in a story about a broken family trying to stay together while a curse and the ghosts of a haunted house try to tear them apart. The film is being photographed by Frederic Fasano (pictured after the jump) who has recently served as cinematographer for Dario and Asia Argento.

So what's this about winning stuff? "We have set our film in a typical American town and on a block in which nearly every house sits vacant and bank-owned. When our film is ready for release, we hope to involve those who have shared their stories in our marketing campaign," Ledes explained. The director and gang are inviting people who have experienced real-life foreclosure horror stories to share their tale on the film's website. The first fifty people to submit their stories win an official Foreclosure tee, which is a good thing because you're going to need it to stay warm in your cardboard box. And if you've never been booted from your abode before, then you can still pick up a tee over here. All profits from t-shirt sales go directly to Stand with Haiti -- Partners In Health's campaign to support earthquake victims in Haiti. Good cause, new duds, why not?

Check out all the details for the giveaway over here and hit the jump for a look at an exclusive pic of Fasano in action.
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