Why should a rebooted Spider-Man be another white guy?

That was the question io9's Marc Bernardin asked last week, prompting one reader to suggest the very funny and very talented Donald Glover. Glover jumped at the suggestion, saying he'd simply love the chance to audition for the role of Peter Parker. He began actively campaigning for the chance, and Spidey fans (encouraged by several movie sites) have taken up the call. The #donald4spiderman Twitter hashtag has taken over a lot of timelines, and was ranking high on the United States' trending topics. There's now a Facebook campaign, which proved to be successful in getting Betty White to host Saturday Night Live ... so what's to say it won't work for Glover, right?

The enthusiasm for Glover is awesome and encouraging. He should be given the chance to audition, and I'm willing to bet he'd nail it. He's everything Peter Parker should be -- good looking, charming, and funny. One thing Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire never captured was Parker's humor. Spider-Man never backs down from mocking other superheroes or his supervillains. Even in bloody situations that no Avenger can crack a joke in, Spider-Man will find a way to mock Harry Osbourne's hair. Glover is the perfect man to strike the balance between humor and action. At the very least, he should be given the chance to try out. What have the final five candidates got that he hasn't? We can't even answer that fully, as Spidey fans have absolutely no idea what Alden Ehrenreich or Frank Dillane can bring to the table other than their looks.

But for some Spidey fans, those looks are enough. The way Spider-Man looks is more important than the way he can act -- because Peter Parker is a white guy. Always has been, always should be.
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